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Taking on any sort of legal matter can raise many questions, most of which have complex answers. At Gordon D. Cruse, APLC, we believe that knowledge is a powerful tool for our clients. Because of this, we have provided the answers to several common questions about family law. Our San Diego Family Lawyer hopes that this can serve as an introduction to your case, and when you are ready to learn more and move forward, we encourage you to contact us with any other questions you might have.

What Is an Uncontested Divorce?

Uncontested divorce is a type of divorce in which both spouses agree to the terms of the divorce that were detailed in the document that was served. If either spouse finds any of the terms to be unacceptable, then the matter is known as a contested divorce. In this situation, a form of resolution must be used, such as litigation, arbitration, or mediation.

How Can I Win Custody of My Child?

There is no easy answer to this question. In all cases, a court will always try to act in the child's best interest. They will try to place a child in the custody of a parent who can fully tend to all of their emotional and physical needs. They will also, generally, attempt to preserve as many elements of the child's previous living situation as possible, such as their home or school. To get personalized advice, please contact a San Diego family lawyer for help.

How Do I Know if I'm Facing a "High Net Worth" Divorce?

Though this is not a hard-and-fast rule, in general if you and your spouse have at least a million dollars in liquid financial assets, you will mostly likely go through a high net worth divorce. These can be very complex situations due to the amount of money and other assets involved. It may take more time, effort, and attention to divide this amount of property as the divorce proceeds. If you believe that you are going through a high net worth divorce, it is in your best interest to retain an attorney as soon as possible to protect your best interest.

What Is Alimony?

Alimony, also known as spousal support, is a type of payment that is used to help maintain an ex-spouse after divorce. It is usually put into place in situations when one spouse was the main source of income to the household. It is usually given in monthly installments for a set period of time, giving the individual time to secure a source of steady income and support themselves.

Do I Need an Attorney?

Even if you are going through a case that seems very simple or straightforward, it is in your best interest to secure legal representation. If you are representing yourself in court, it is all too easy for others to exploit the fact that you do not have the experience and legal understanding of a licensed attorney. You may end up facing consequences that are both severe and permanent if you take legal action without a lawyer on your side.

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